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A world class facility dedicated to providing medical care of international standard.

Experianced Doctors

We boast a team of skilled and qualified doctors. Contact us to learn more about our medical professionals and staff.

High Customer Satisfaction

Our experts focus on meeting patients' needs and understanding the unique challenges families face in healthcare.


We are here to educate, motivate and inspire you to gain and retain control over your health.

Why choose Health Care with
Abuja Clinics

At Abuja Clinics, your health and well-being is always our top priority. Our team of experts is dedicated exclusively to the needs of patients and comprehends the unique challenges and anxieties that families face when accessing healthcare. Abuja Clinics offers a wide variety of services tailored to your care.

Our Key Features

Take a look at some of our key features


We maintain a sterile operating theatre complex with 2 rooms, ensuring a safe environment. Equipped with standard anesthesia machines and monitors, we prioritize safety during procedures.


The special care baby unit is well equipped with incubators, resuscitaires and ventilators as well as monitoring equipment. We confidently handle premature babies as well as severely ill babies.


We offer world-class dental care with comprehensive investigative, preventive, and curative therapies. Our in-house dental laboratory produces prosthetics on demand, ensuring top-notch service for our clients


At Abuja Clinics, we understand the significance of labor and delivery. Rely on our experienced, caring physicians and midwives trained to ensure a safe, happy, and comfortable childbirth experience for you.


The department of internal medicine delivers acute care, general medical care and specialist care through a team of highly dedicated consultants in the fields of cardiology , nephrology and endocrinology.


Physiotherapy emphasizes movement for individual well-being. Physiotherapists enhance movement potentials through health promotion, preventive care, treatment, and rehabilitation, prioritizing overall health.

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